Watercolor on Fondant, Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes

This is an introductory course to the technique of watercolor. We will begin by explaining brushes, paints and some basic concepts.

Then we will practice 8 different flowers explained step by step and in detail, on cardboard, and then go to work on cupcakes, cookies and cakes lined with fondant.

It is not mandatory to be a pastry chef or have to apply the technique on cakes. The course is the same only to learn to paint, let go of the hand and understand how watercolor works.

The full course lasts 1 hour. The level of detail is very high and the explanations very complete.

This course is perfect to then be able to paint your own paintings at home, to let go of your hand painting, to develop your creativity, changing your way of seeing things through watercolor.

And if you are a pastry chef and you work with fondant or fondant, you will see that you can decorate / paint a beautiful cake in minutes.

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