Wafer Paper Filigree Tutorial

In this course, learn how to create one-of-kind Wafer Paper filigree flowers, monograms and artistic portraits! Bringing classic paper techniques together with edible wafer paper. I will teach you how to handle wafer paper with paper filigree (also known as quilling), all the challenges that come with wafer paper, what to do and what not to do. We will walk through each design step by step. Open your cake arsenal, we’ve got some new techniques for it!

A new and fresh technique in the cake world that is bound to wow your customers, friends and family!

  • How to prepare your wafer paper
  • How to color your wafer paper
  • Basic shapes and techniques
  • Creating a stylized Peony
  • Creating a Poppy
  • Creating a Sunflower
  • Creating a Monogram
  • Creating an artist Portrait
  • Over 1 hour 45 min of HD Video instruction
  • Coloring techniques pros and cons
  • Recipes
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