Tipsy Cakes

Expand your baking repertoire as you tap into inspired new flavors alongside cookbook author Krystina Castella. During class, you’ll build confidence using alcohol to add a mouthwatering kick to cakes, fillings, frostings, soaks and garnishes. Along the way, you’ll learn to create an array of amazing desserts enhanced with the extraordinary flavors of rum, beer, liqueur, wine, hard alcohol and more. Krystina will teach you how alcohol reacts when baked, so you can adjust recipes to your taste. You’ll even get expert tips for recreating favorite cocktails in custom cakes! Plus, your class materials include more than 20 recipes along with a comprehensive guide for pairing your alcohol cakes with complementary flavors!

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All the class is really new for me .
I learning a lot it is like and open a New world for me.
The teacher is very kind. And make the class really interesting .

- viejitalo1252998

Love the idea to play with different flavors

- monahenao7884288

I totally loved this class!! I learned a lot since I have not found much information about buzzed cakes like in this great class out there. I am thrilled to start making this great recipes!!

- Melao

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