The Secrets to Perfect Stenciling

Join internationally-renowned instructor Alan Tetreault to create impressive stenciled patterns on fondant- or buttercream-covered cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Through four cake projects, you’ll learn to stencil vivid designs and enhance them with a variety of beautiful embellishment techniques. Add depth and alluring accents to your patterns with accessible hand-painting techniques. Over-pipe your stenciled designs for greater dimension. Bring fashion-forward flair to your cakes with new lace techniques in Sugar Dress. Personalize your creations with monograms. And bring it all together with sugar flower and paisley focal points. Alan also will teach you amazing techniques for using stencils, Sugar Dress and hand painting on cookies and cupcakes.

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Very Clear Explanation ,make It Easy To Follow But ,explanation More In Writing Also Will Be Good For Not Good At English

- Chalermsri

Great Techniques! I have done stenciling a few times before but this class has taught me so many other do's and dont's...this instructor is by far one of my favorites:)))

- Willpower39

Totally enjoying this class so far. Alan is a great teacher. Can't wait to get my stencils to try this!

- aieagirl55

Love the tips to get the stencil to lay flat!

- lora.grec6901087

Alan is an excellent teacher. Every work he made looks so professional.

- Phanie1000

Have you seen this tutorial?