The Art of Gelatin Flowers Tutorial

Learn how to make these stylistic, yet realistic gelatin flowers! They are easier than they look! A new twist on an old technique, these flowers are light and beautiful. Because they are all hand painted, the process is quick and each petal is completely unique to you. In this video we go over the basics of the art of gelatin flowers, and we will include pictorials of certain flowers throughout the year (members only). Learn how to:

  • Make gelatin petals, blossoms and leaves.
  • Wiring gelatin petals and leaves.
  • Our special gelatin recipe(s).
  • Assembling your petals.
  • Coloring.
  • Clean-up and storage.
  • Tips and tricks!

Some basic gumpaste flower knowledge will help in the production of these flowers.

Note: This tutorial DOES NOT include icing, carving or covering a cake in fondant.

Over 50 minutes of HD Video instruction

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