Simple 3D Galleon Ship Cake

In this tutorial, Serdar shows you how to make a simple 3D Galleon Ship Cake. This is a simpler version compared to our other 3D Galleon Ship Cake tutorial and was actually designed for one of Serdar’s 4 hour live workshop classes. This tutorial has plenty of tips and tricks to learn and could also be made as a 3D Pirate Ship Cake.

DISCLAIMER: Before purchasing or watching this tutorial, please note that in this tutorial, Serdar uses styrofoam blocks as the cake parts. This is simply because he wanted to keep this galleon cake as a showpiece after he created this tutorial. Making this galleon cake using real cake would involve cutting real cake in the same size shapes as the styrofoam blocks shown in this tutorial. The course material for this tutorial contains actual size templates and blueprints as well as guides on how to cut and form the cake parts of this piece to match the styrofoam blocks that are shown in the tutorial. If you need to be shown, step by step, with video, exactly how to cut the cake in the same shapes as the styrofoam blocks that have templates provided in the course material, this tutorial may not be for you. This is an expert level tutorial and will require some 3D cake making experience.

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