Show Stopper Dahlia Tutorial

You know that piece of art that stops you in your tracks? Your jaw drops… you’re drooling in awe… Wait, no, don’t drool on the cake! Well, that is what we call a “Show-Stopper”… and that is exactly what this Dahlia is, a SHOW STOPPER! Kara Andretta joins us with her mad sugar flower skills to show us step by step how to create this gorgeous beast! In this tutorial you’ll learn…

  • Create the base and petals, using gumpaste.
  • Use coloring techniques that make this extremely unique!
  • Make your flower pop stick out from the rest, using these special tips and tricks.
  • (Includes recipes and full supply list.)

Note: This tutorial DOES NOT include icing, carving or covering a cake in fondant.


Over 40 minutes of HD Video instruction

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