Pricing and Marketing Your Cake Business For Profitability

The global cake market is expected to value at USD75 billion, by 2023. You’ll see how to get a piece.

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  • This course will teach you easy-to-implement but at the same time amazing techniques that will elevate your business.
  • This course will provide students with a pricing formula to price cakes the right way. And how cake-preneurs are killing their business by using poor pricing without realizing it.
  • You will also get tips you can use in your marketing messages to go viral and generate more sales.
  • This course will also teach you how to increase the perceived value of your cakes instantly.

The information you are about to learn has the potential to accelerate your business.

How would that affect your lifestyle?  You don’t have to spend years and hundreds of thousands of shillings learning the hard way. We’ve already done that and want to teach you the best of what we know we talk cakes. In other words, we did the heavy lifting for you.

So go ahead and click the “Take This Course” button right now and let’s increase impression almost instantly.

Remember once you sign up, your FREE ready to use “Wedding Cake Quotation and Contract Template”will be emailed to you.

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