Online Pastry School – 1 Week Mastery Course

Lessons Covered?

  • Intro: We start with an intro to the pastry arts, the kitchen essentials, conversions, recipe understanding, and how to adjust based on different ovens, and climate temperatures in the kitchen.
  • Baking Fundamentals: The next section dives right into the world of baking, getting you up to speed and an expert on the fundamentals and basics of baking. Essential tools while moving forward to the next course.
  • European Classical Cakes: With so many wonderful cakes coming out of Europe, this teaches you the classics, the tried tested and true cakes, their history and importance in the pastry arts.
  • Baking With Chocolate: Chocolate is a wonderful ingredient, we then guide you down the history and outline of using chocolate (white, dark, and pure) in your recipes, while using examples of how they can be applied to recipes.
  • The World Of Cookies: Not your average cookies, these cookies are fit for royalty. Learn about the traditional mixing methods, cookie styles, shapes, and methods. We outline a wide variety that spans many different skill sets and methods to make you an expert on the high-tea, cookies, and the characteristics that make them great!
  • Fundamentals of Cake Mixing: This section outlines and builds upon the cake mixing skills. Strong emphasis on proper technique to achieve the best results whether it is a rustic cake or a polished and pretty one.

Dive right in and take the helm!

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