Octopus Cake Tutorial

This is my 7th Octopus ya’ll. SEVENTH. From the first one I made for my best friend’s birthday to the one where I flew out to France to guide a team of sugar artists on making one as large as a ROOM (it literally couldn’t come out of the room — didn’t think about that till it was too late, HA!)

One could say I’m a bit of a fan of these 8 legged creatures of the sea… and to be honest I’ve been dying to make one for YOU for a while now. And there is nothing like the Oregon coast to really bring that desire to life!

I wanted to create one that was a little different than my creations from the past and after googling Octopus photos for days on end I decided on this coloring scheme! I wanted color, veining and texture… thus, this gal was born (it’s up to you to name her, tell me in the comments on the tutorial page what her name should be!)

I also wanted to go with a more approachable structure BUT still have a good “wow” factor… I think we accomplished both. I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it!

p.s. No, I did not hand paint it or airbrush the pattern…. you’ll have to watch to see how I did it!

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