Mirror Glaze White Chocolate Mousse Cake Master Course

Learn how to make the world wide famous mousse cake. Although it is very famous, only few people know how to make it. On top of all of that, you will learn how to make a mirror glaze from scratch.

I am sure you will be very happy and satisfied with the skills and techniques you will learn with me. Your family and friends will fill in love with the cake you will be sharing with them after learning how to make it from this course.

In this course, you will learn who to make the entire cake from scratch. So, all its parts are homemade. The course consists of 7 lessons which are:

  1. Gelatin Mass
  2. Coconut Dacquoise
  3. Strawberry Confit
  4. White Chocolate Mousse
  5. Mirror Glaze
  6. Building Up the Cake (Layering)
  7. Glazing

Are you ready to master this elegant french cake?

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