Mastering Inscriptions Volume One

Get ready to polish your piping skills in this first volume of Mastering Inscriptions series. Serdar will discuss the fundamental principals of piping and cover many methods and techniques in relation to piping and writing. You will learn a number of different ways to create your own piping bags and how to use them for different applications.

While this tutorial only deals with chocolate, in the coming volumes of this series, Serdar will work with other materials as well. Serdar will show you how to modify the consistency of chocolate through various different methods to suit the type of piping you are doing. This one also comes with a few of Serdar’s specially designed fonts, each with its own templates and exercises sheets which he dives into with great detail. There is also a chart included to show you what type of events/celebrations each font is suitable for.

This tutorial is jam packed with a lot of great tips and information…definitely not one to be missed!

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