Light Up Marquee Letters Cake Tutorial

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to make this cake for you guys! First, ever since I was a kid I was sucker for ANYTHING that lite up. It’s followed me into adulthood (or big kid hood) and I like to bring it into my cakes. Anywho– this light up Marquee cake TOO MUCH FUN. We went with a ❤ U for our upcoming holiday, Valentines! However, you can use this structure with any letter in the alphabet! This is perfect for engagement parties (bride and groom’s initials!) or even adventurous weddings (grooms cake maybe!), birthdays, the list goes on! It’s not going to disappoint, that’s for sure! In this video I show you how to:

  • Create sugar light bulbs that really light up!
  • Create a structure can be used any letter!
  • Icing, carving and covering with modeling chocolate.
  • And more!
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