Learn to Make a Hello Kitty Cake

This is what you will learn:

  • How to bake, level, moisten and fill the biscuits
  • How to seal the crumbs and cover the cake
  • How to line a rectangular cake with fondant
  • How to texture the fondant
  • How to make a 2D figure or puzzle
  • How to fix the figure to the cake

In addition, the course includes:

  • Video of how to bake cakes
  • Sponge cake recipes suitable for this type of cake
  • Frequently asked questions about biscuits
  • Video of how to prepare syrup, buttercream and chocolate hookah
  • Stuffed Recipes
  • Frequently asked questions about fillers
  • Video of how to prepare your own fondant
  • Frequently asked questions about fondant
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