Learn to Decorate Fondant Cakes from scratch


Whether you want to  IMPRESS FAMILY AND FRIENDS  at your parties or  START A NEW AND LUCRATIVE BUSINESS by decorating cakes in a professional manner, this is the course you need.

You will learn to make and decorate cakes in a professional manner, with a perfect, impressive and personalized finish. No previous knowledge of cooking or baking is necessary since we will start with the basics. You will know from the essential tools and ingredients to the most elaborate techniques of decoration, through baking, filling, covering, decoration, flower modeling, figures and ties, preparation of bases and much more. All this reinforced with step by step cakes at the end of the course that review all the knowledge acquired to reinforce them.


I will teach you and guide you through simple and enjoyable  lessons STEP BY STEP , explained very comprehensively on video and with support materials (recipes, frequently asked questions, guides, schemes, tricks …) that will lead you to decorate those cakes that you like so much in a very short time and saving a lot of money.

The lessons are structured so that progress is made in the knowledge PROGRESSIVELY and gradually. You must assimilate each lesson before moving on to the next one and if you have doubts, I am here to help you. Simply state your question in the “Technical support” section and I will answer you as soon as possible.


You will not find another course so complete and, in addition, it is the only one that gives you the necessary knowledge to elaborate ANY KIND OF CAKE that you imagine, from beginning to end. At the end of the course, you will be able to make cakes that you had never imagined before thanks to the BUT EFFECTIVE BASIC TECHNIQUES that you will learn and the tricks and secrets of CREATIVE REPOSTERY that I will reveal to you.

Imagine creating spectacular cakes in your own kitchen for less than € 15 that you can then sell for more than € 70. Or imagine the face of your friends when you appear at the party with a WORK OF EDIBLE ART. .. you will be the topic of conversation!

This course is the first step to become a CAKE DESIGNER and enter the exciting world of Creative Confectionery at your own pace, from home and for less than what a decorated cake is worth!

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