Introduction to Isomalt

Isomalt can be used for many purposes in the pasty and confectionery world. In this tutorial, Serdar will talk about various topics from what Isomalt is, a brief history of Isomalt as well as some important safety precautions when working with Isomalt. You will learn how to cook it, store it and manipulate it to be able to add an extra level of mastery to your cake decorating skills. Serdar will show you a number of different techniques on how to make some primary shapes and forms, that can ultimately be used to make almost anything you can think of. The possibilities are just about endless with what can be done with Isomalt and the results can be fantastic if used properly. We plan to make many more tutorials on Isomalt sculptures as well as ways to incorporate Isomalt into wedding cakes, so this tutorial is to cover the basics and prepare for more Isomalt tutorials in the future.

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