Intertwined Initials Topper

In this tutorial, you are going to experience how to design and put together an intertwined initials cake topper from scratch.

Usually when we hear the words “initials topper”, the first thing that comes to mind is 2 bold letters placed side by side with an ‘&’ symbol in the middle. This is like a couple standing side by side, not even holding hands and not showing any emotion at all. Now, imagine a couple with their arms wrapped around each other, showing that they really love and complete each other. This is the type of initials topper Serdar Yener wants to show you in this tutorial.

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This was another fantastic tutorial from Chef Yener. Like every other one of his tutorials I've watched, I start out thinking, wow this is a beautiful piece. How can I make something so beautiful and so perfect? It must be pretty difficult. Then at the end of the video, I think wow! that's easy, I can do this. I can see how I can apply this technique to some other project. It is a real confidence booster. Yener's way of teaching is so simple, anyone can make beautiful custom initial toppers. Thank you for sharing your talent.

- Antoi P

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