Hula Girl Model Project

In this tutorial, Pretty Witty Cakes’ Guest Tutor Sachiko Windbiel shows you how to make her style of beautiful faces and upper bodies as demonstrated on a Hula girl. Designed for a beginner, this tutorial takes you through from basics steps to the completed model.

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Absolutely fabulous. Please may I ask about the closed eyes on the Hula girl.. Very very detailed and informative every step of the way. well done

- elainewatts

wel done Sachiko your models are beautiful and you make your work look so easy eaplain everythink really well thank you . xx

- cathyh

So cute I love them. I love you..Your so cute, you made me laugh so much. but you didn't show how to make them with their eyes close and how do you add the teeth? Adorable too cute.How to have you over again.

- goodysgoodies

Really enjoyed this tutorial. My question..what kind of pens did you use? Please do more tutorials and possibly show different facial expressions and legs. Thanks.

- Jackie the cake lady

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