How To Make Sugar Craft Roses

In this course we will be learning how to make wired sugar craft roses, these are very popular with cake decorators and other artisan craft enthusiasts. I will be taking you through the step by step processes required to make a rose from start to finish. The course is structured in the order you will need and runs for just over 1 hour in length. Your learning will begin with an introduction which covers the materials and equipment you will need, then moves on to look at how to make the rosebud and petals, how to let your rose dry, adding leaves, and finally some bonus content on how to make some quick and easy roses. This course is perfect for all cake decorators; from those who want to learn a new skill or for those seeking to improve theirs. If you would like to learn how to make wired sugar roses then I would recommend this video as the perfect way to create perfect roses.

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