Handbag Heaven pt 1

OK, so you have probably seen a handbag cake BUT, have you seen three completely different handbags stacked one on top of another? Sounds ambitions doesn’t it?
Well, Paul has pulled out all the stops to bring us this gravity defying design that has been split into two parts.
In the first part of our cake tutorial, Paul focuses on making the stand and creating the fully edible handbags. Then in part 2 Paul stacks the cakes and makes all the decorations, including the beautiful model hanging off the finished design.
This three-tier stacked handbag cake would be perfect for an elaborate birthday celebration or perhaps the opening of a shop? And the skills learned from this tutorial will allow you to adapt the design to suit your needs.
In this tutorial, you will learn many new skills and techniques including, carving, ganaching, making a handbag cake, edible flowers, advanced modelling, edible painting, creating lovely textures and lots more.
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