Gravity-Defying Cake Designs

Demystify the magic of gravity-defying cakes! Create an easy, sturdy base structure for Lauren’s wonderful waffle cake. Mimic the grid pattern of a waffle with modeling chocolate and add scrumptious texture and realistic color. Then, shape a modeling chocolate syrup bottle and attach it to the top of your cake structure. Complete the poured-syrup effect by covering the cake support in amber-colored modeling chocolate that appears to spread out over the waffle. Give your syrup shine with edible lacquer, and finish this delectable design with pats of modeling chocolate butter. Plus, learn techniques like making ice cream from seized chocolate as you discover even more gravity-defying projects.

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I was sad when the class ended coz i didnt want it to end!! Wish it was longer, it was so easy to watch! Really good teacher! Love her voice too!

- Oven Joyed

Lauren is a fantastic instructor--very clear, precise and easy to follow. I enjoyed this class very much, and had fun with the class project. Highly recommended!

- Deb1818

Great class. Techniques to use for a great array of cake ideas. Go creativity!

- Cecilia7

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