Earth Day Bonsai Tree Cake

Earth Day is on the 22nd of April and it is Yeners Way’s great pleasure to dedicate this tutorial to a wonderful cause. Serdar created this bonsai tree cake as part of an Earth Day themed cake collaboration named ‘ACTs of GREEN’ organised by Zawadi Parizek from the United Nations of Sugar Art. Award winning sugar and pastry artists from all around the world have volunteered their time, talent and materials to create edible showpieces with the hope of raising awareness for the preservation of our planet and the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as well as donations for National Geographic Society. Yeners Way is proud to be part of such a great cause and look forward to seeing all the amazing creations in the collaboration.

If we would all look after our Earth like a bonsai tree gardener looks after a bonsai tree, the Earth would be a much better place. We need to live with nature, not replace it. The tutorial will cover a number of different techniques from how to create a large gravity defying tree, how to achieve a realistic rosewood texture, how to accurately create a map of the world and more!

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