Decoration with Basic Fondant

In this course you can get an insight into the wonderful Fondant technique from the hand of Belinda Kamm our chef Decochef, who for years has been dedicated to this art and has been trained with the best techniques abroad. It is a course that will teach you how to make your own fondant and that is extremely moldable and with a very good taste! You will also learn how to decorate a whole cake without spending so much on utensils. Everything will be decorated with a single cutter (in the form of a star) and with the help of a conventional rule. It is not necessary to invest so much to start learning!

Learn all the tips and tricks to get a cake decorated with fondant without problems. Forget about the rips, the chemical taste of the fondants bought, the fondant recipes with many ingredients difficult to get, and the fondant and dry fondant cakes. With this recipe you will save a lot of time and money, since producing it is much cheaper than buying it and you can save it for months

So if you want to learn Fondant as a hobby or to give more variety to your business, this is the ideal course for you! Follow step by step the instructions of our chef and start creating wonderful cakes with the least number of utensils. Join the Decochef community and start creating wonders!

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