Creative Cuts for Color Reveals

Pair modeling chocolate underlay and overlay panels with pattern-transfer methods and cutting techniques to create marvelous color-reveal designs. Join cake pro Rachael Teufel and learn to create basic color reveals through an eye-catching aquatic-themed design. Build confidence using elaborate underlays with quadrants featuring different colors and overlays etched with custom patterns. Reveal designs with gorgeous color gradation spanning multiple tiers as you make Rachael’s ombré blossom cake. Achieve sophisticated three-color reveal cakes with a simple method. Easily create complex-looking effects using striped, multicolor underlays and two-tone overlays for an elaborate birthday cake. Plus, see how to make custom color-reveal templates for personalized designs. Build your repertoire with these new cake decorating techniques!

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Love this class so far!!

- Bm Cakes

I like the detail information given to create such a beautiful product and the extra step in showing some of the errors that can occur as well as how to fix them. Great class!


Brilliant class, I can see lots of different ideas that could come from this class to make my cakes stand out from the crowd.

- L.A. Cakes

I love all the extra tips along the way instead of stoping the video and making it seem perfect. This really shows things that might actually happen and how to fix them. Awesome class!

- Madeleine B

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