Chocolate Portraiture Techniques

In this tutorial, Serdar Yener shows you a technique to be able to copy any image onto a cake with chocolate.

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I have seen other ways out there to do portraits on cakes without printing devices, but no one is giving the means and confidence to copy-paste so easily from a picture. I am sure it works great for any kind of drawing and even black & white subjects will work great. I can't wait to see what you put in the road map next! Thank you Serdar.

- Elisabetta M

Before watching this tutorial I thought this is going to be very difficult to achieve, I was wrong. You took it step by step and I was amazed how easy this was to do. Adding this technique to my arsenal of tricks! So happy I joined this site.

- Maria

What an amazing technique. I'm completely stunned by what we can do with this technique which I think is much better than an just printing a picture!! I'm so happy to have discovered your work Serdar. Can't wait to try it. What a great instructor.

- Mary J C

Serdar is an amazing artist and instructor. He is able to show how to, and how not to, do something. I look forward to learning much more and recommend this site to anyone interested in making amazing cakes.

- Joyce B

Amazing class indeed Yener. I had my eyes on this class the very first day it was out. I kept staring at it since I was super excited to learn this technique. I had never seen something amazing such as this. Your instructions were clear and precise. I enjoyed every minute of this class and I learnt a lot. I highly recommend this class. I love portraits and never knew that u can use simple techniques with chocolate to create incredible paintings like this. Super cool!!! Chef Yener answers all your questions and is so supportive. All the best to you Chef from Sharon's Creative Explosion Cakes... Cheers !!!!

- Sharon S

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