Cake Recipe: Carrot Cake by Maria Selyanina

Nomad sponge cake since its origin, the history of spice bread makes us travel the world. The first biscuits that approach the spice loaves would go back since the time of the god Ra in Egypt. They consumed a bread with honey, then the Greeks ate “Melitounta” based on sesame flour and honey. And the Romans also knew “Panis mellitus”, a fried bread dipped in honey.

The spice bread as we know it, would be of Chinese origin, the Mi-kong (Honey Bread). It was made with wheat flour, honey and aromatic plants. By the thirteenth century, the Mi-kong was a war ration of the soldiers of Genghis Khan who will bring him to the Arab countries. In the Middle Ages, during the Crusades, it is the Westerners who returned with the recipe and spices.

One speaks first of “Lebkuchen”, spice bread in German, in Ulm in 1292, then it is generalized in the monasteries of the Holy Empire. In 1453, we know that the spice bread was on the tables of the Cisterian nuns of Matienthal in Alsace for Christmas parties.

Later in the modern era, spice breads were distinguished and spice bread becomes a sweet. In Alsace, a corporation was formed that Henri IV agreed to status in 1596.

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