Better Buttercream

Create the most delicious Swiss, Italian and French buttercreams with step-by-step guidance from cake decorator Erica O’Brien. Start with how to make pillowy meringue as you whip up simple Swiss and dreamy Italian meringue buttercreams. Next, create a super-rich French buttercream that’s perfect as a filling. You’ll also discover the secrets for coloring your buttercream with confidence, and creating mouthwatering flavors from everyday ingredients. Then, you’ll see how to level, tort, dam, fill and crumb coat your cakes. With your cake prepared, Erica will teach you how to smooth buttercream, for flawless icing that creates beautiful sides and a super-sharp top edge. Plus, find out how to show off your cakes with a beautiful pinstripe buttercream technique, fun rustic textures or gorgeous metallic finishes.

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I have bought many Craftsy classes and I have to say this is definitely one of my favourites. I have already made about 4 batches of the Italian Meringue Buttercream, experimented with different flavours and made some homemade raspberry conserve!Erica is just fantastic, explaining everything in such detail.

- Sandra F

I love this class. Never knew much about IMBC, SMBC or FMBC but after watching this class I was eager to try them all. Love all three buttercream but will use mainly use IMBC since I live in a humid climate and it holds better. Also learn some new technique that I will be using in the future.

- JonDawnS

I am happy that I enrolled, because the class and the teacher are excellent.

- sewingzoe

Loved this class

- jasmina1157717

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