Become a Great Baker #2: Cheesecake Extravaganza

Amaze your family, friends and clients with perfect stunning cheesecakes that never fail to impress. Follow award-winning pastry chef Irit Ishai in this comprehensive course, and create many kinds of cheesecakes, leveraging modern designs and unique presentations.

Learn many exciting recipes including cream cheese filling, graham cracker crust & fruit flavored sauces, and discover how to customize them by adding surprising flavors and spices. Master critical baking techniques to ensure your cakes always turn out perfect. Advance your decoration skills by making many kinds of elegant decorations and learn sophisticated techniques for working with isomalt and filo dough. Explore the world of edible flowers and advance your skills making them using fruits and fondant.

Finally, you’ll get detailed step-by-step guidance on decorating and plating four unique and stunning cheesecake desserts, as well as on creating three fabulous large cheesecake designs.

You can leverage the recipes and techniques taught in this course for many projects, and advance your baking skills in many areas. Simply put your favorite apron on, and join us on the path to baking mastery!

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