Arranging Sugar Flowers

Learn award-winning decorator James Rosselle’s secrets for arranging sugar flowers in exquisite fashion. Start with simple yet elegant single flower and cluster arrangements. Get expert placement tips as you create classic cascades with graceful movement. Highlight even simple tiers in sensational style using cake separators abloom with delicate flowers. Amplify the eye-catching effect of your work with open separators that appear to defy gravity. Bring trendy, rustic textures to your arrangement repertoire as you create two types of delightful pomanders. Take your designs over the top with striking arrangements of hanging hydrangeas. Plus, enrobe your cake in all-over floral designs as balanced as they are bold. Discover techniques for showcasing your sugar flowers perfectly every time!

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I enjoy this class very much, I would like to see a class where James teach the cala lily, the last cake was amazing

- annietrab6935494

Being 'with' James is like being with a friend. He makes me feel good. His joy in his art is always evident; even when a little mishap occurs he isn't flustered. He makes me feel that the main thing is to take pleasure in the experience of learning. How lovely is that? Watching James and listening to his sound advice gave me the confidence to attempt sugar flower making and arranging, and that's something I thought I'd never do when I first saw those remarkable blooms. (I've yet to post any pictures, but I am very pleased with some of my flowers and promise to post photos soon.) I loved this class for lots of reasons, but particularly because I so enjoy James and his obvious delight in his work. Thanks, Craftsy! And you, James! :)

- Lourner

I think it is an excellent class well taught

- joycejame7802980

Great Class!!!! He's A fantastic Instructor!!! I feel like I understand so much better at where and how to inserts my flowers now:-)

- cxiongyang

Have you seen this tutorial?