3D Olaf Cake

This free tutorial shows you how Serdar Yener makes a 3D Olaf cake. It also comes with free downloadable blueprints and templates but you will have to join Yeners Way as a free member to be able to download them.

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Chef Yener, Best day for you and yours. Thank you for your generosity. If I were a queen, I would knight you and crown you as The Master . You never fail to impress. Thank you Sensei.

- Rita R

Another Great Tutorial!

- Tracy K

What a fantastic tutorial! I so enjoyed watching it! I was wondering if you thought about how many people it may serve and how much you would charge for it? Thanks for the tip of going away and coming back--so simple but so valuable!

- Jeanne N

Dear Chef Yener, Thank you for giving me the best seat in the house. I felt like I was standing by your side all throughout the tutorial. You are a Master Craftsman with Cake.

- Nicole S

I really enjoyed making this cake. The tutorial made what might have been too daunting a task very doable. Everybody loved it. I would love to post a picture here when possible. Thank you again for sharing.

- Ger J

This is an absolutely fabulous tutorial! I watched it about 2 times before doing my own Olaf and another 2-3 times while making the cake. I also used Chef Yener's Chocolate mud cake recipe, which turned out perfect!!! Thank you so much for offering such incredible, free tutorials!

- Olivia A

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