3D Digger Cake

It looks complicated, but Serdar Yener explains it step by step and makes it easy for anyone to give it a try. This amazing tutorial comes with very detailed downloadable course material which includes a parts checklist and actual size blueprints for the digger/excavator. This one is highly recommended!

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Excellent tutorial. Explained all the details you needed. Can't wait to make it :)

- Martina K

Excellent!!! I can't wait to try this Cake. Very Informative- lot's of great tips to.

- Wendy B

Beautiful cake, can't wait to try it. well explained. Thanks so much.

- Bolaji D

"Chef Yener this cake was so out of my comfort zone but you really helped me feel comfortable to even give it a try. In the beginning it seems like a lot of information but I have to say you are one of the best teachers out there. We don't just learn about the class but get so much useful information throughout the whole class.

You explain well, you are very calm and don't stress, take your time with each small detail and make it as important as the biggest part of the cake, and that is what makes your cakes so amazing and stunning.

Anything on wheels have not been my favorite cakes to do because I didn't have enough confidence to think I could pull it off but now after I'm done with this one I can't wait it make your car cake for my husbands birthday, I have been putting that aside for 2 years now. Thank you!!"

- Mrs S

Have you seen this tutorial?