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We believe cake is ART. This isn’t your “lick it and stick it” kinda cake decorating! Our goal is to provide new and fresh designs, techniques and information to bring your cake experience to the next level. We provide tools, such as our calculators, to help you work smarter, not harder. Our community is full of like-minded cake artists. A place where you can share your creations, ask for help and help others. Together, we are here to push the boundaries and feed your creative hunger!

We offer something for every skill level with video tutorials, picture tutorials, calculators, recipes and articles. New content is added every month for our members! We also offer some of our tutorials for individual purchase in our shop.

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Jennifer Reese is the founder of Good Gosh Ganache. Good Gosh Ganache offers custom confectionary creations for office events, birthdays, weddings and more.

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Avalon Yarnes fell in the love with the cake trade at age 15, when she began working in a bakery.

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