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I am originally from Libya, but I live in the US now to study aerospace engineering at Iowa State University. Besides my love for aircraft and space, baking has been my passion since I was 9. I would be in the kitchen with my mom or grandma to help them bake. Baking is a huge part of my life and is one of the major things that make me who I am. I grow up baking and cooking all kinds of food and deserts. However, I am the happiest when I bake. I could go for hours with out taking a brake. I usually bake and share with my friends and family. I enrolled in many baking course and took some online classes with famous pastry chefs such as Ksenia Penkina. Since 2016, I have been making customized mirror glaze mousse cakes as requested from my clients for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holiday celebrations.

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