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Kaysie Lackey is the founder and owner of The People’s Cake based in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes where she teaches exclusively when she is in the UK.

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  • Candace Neuberger Mildner

    wondering if you have a tutorial on a topsy turvy (really just tilted layers) wedding cake. I was admiring your gray birch 4-5 layer wedding cake that has a variety of pink flowers bewtween the tilted layers. I will be making a similar design but am unsure of the internal support structure and I’m seeking advice from you because everyone in my local cake community has a completely difference idea on how it is done so the cakes don’t fall apart. Any advice you can give me or direct me to a tutorial that you may have online would be so appreciated.

    Thank you


  • OCDT Admin

    Hi Candace, I have put together a collection of topsy turvy cake tutorials here…
    I have personally seen the one by Serdar Yener so its the only one I can highly recommend. He shares some great tips!
    Hope this helps! Thanks

  • Annette Smith

    Hey, Kaysie! Where is the Pinwheel Roses video?