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Hello, how are you all! My name is Jorge Rojas Ruiz and I am 23 years old. A year ago I started my creative pastry business from home, and I have had a resounding success in my locality, I have managed to live from it and at the same time enjoy what I do. I have decided to share my basic knowledge because when I took an interest in creative pastry, I took courses that did not work for what I really wanted, I needed cupcakes decoration and fondant cakes, however, the courses to specialize in this were quite expensive and had to take a course before it was not cheap either. I saw myself in the task of researching and experimenting to achieve everything I have done, and I would like to help more people like me who at the time could not afford to spend large amounts of money on an extensive course and who would not use everything the learned. That’s why I created my own super basic creative pastry course especially for you.

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