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HBF School is a creator of high quality online courses about food and wine. We introduce top experts in the field, including professional sommeliers, cooks and nutritionists.

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Anastasia Sharova is a healthy food expert, certified in Ayurvedic nutrition. She practices what she preaches: after changing her nutrition and switching completely from white sugar, she lost 15 kg and inspired the change of diet in her entire family. Anastasia spent years on experimenting and perfecting recipes for healthy desserts suitable for all type of diets, and now runs cooking workshops in Germany. Her cooking was severely influenced by traditional knowledge from India and Russia, that gives a unique touch to her class and brings regional wisdom. It also makes ingredients adaptive regardless of where you live!

Svetlana Kasparova is a wine expert who has been working with wine estates across Europe for over eight years. She runs regular wine seminars and tastings in Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Svetlana is a graduate of the famous wine school “Entoria” and a Wine Games medalist. Member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale Prize winner at the wine games of the Sommellerie League Graduate of the Wine School “Entoria” (accredited by ASI) Worked as brand manager with wine estates across Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sebia, Chile, Argentina. Clients included (to name a few) Terlano, Arzuaga, Faustino, Juve y Camps, La Scolca, Bellenda, Banfi, Passpopiciaro, Renato Ratti, Tenuta di Trinoro, Perusini, Gaierhof&MasoPoli Worked as a Lecturer on LVMH brands, covering such brands as Moët Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Hennessy, Krug, Don Perignon, Shiraz Mitolo Founder of a Wine Club in Moscow, has been hosting weekly wine tasting in Russia, Germany and Switzerland for the last 2 years Svetlana’s experience and previous Degree in Education make her a wonderful teacher who can explain the most complicated terms with ease and fun.

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