About Daniela “Dada” Segantini

Hi I am Daniela Segantini, better known by the public as ” Dada ” and that’s how I love to be called. Those who know me define me as an eclectic artist, with a particular inclination towards teaching. My expansive character and my nice, friendly and patient personality make me a good “teacher”. I will accompany you in the fabulous world of sugar art, facing all the decorative techniques of this fascinating art of food decoration with seriousness and a deep knowledge. My artistic preparation derives first of all from an enormous passion born in 2010 for all that concerns the decoration, especially in the world of creative pastry, from here with an in-depth study of both the products and the techniques of sculpture, painting and the most varied decorative methods, collaboration with manufacturers and other fabulous sugar artists, participation in competitions, events and trade shows in the sector and the organization of courses in Italy and abroad, growing as a “sugar artist”, with a special propensity for the modeling of the face and the human body in sugar paste. My scientific background, I graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, allowed me to evaluate, select and develop products that are increasingly adapted to this art, to give life to my creations, which you can admire in my social profiles.

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