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I’ve always known I wanted to be even a small part of the giant food landscape. I started working in the food biz when I was 16, waiting tables. What permanently pulled me into food as a career was seeing the impact that selling food could have on people’s lives. A family could open a restaurant and send their kids to college, a passionate chef could work 80+ hours a week to save up for their dream of an ice cream shop, or a single mom could start a bakery from her home to make ends meet. Being immersed in the industry for over a decade has shaped who I am as a person and the way that I hope to make an impact. I’ve done everything from bussing tables to sweating it out on the line in a dinner rush to managing a hotel kitchen. I’ve tried it all and found my love in dessert. I wake up every day and think about sweets and how I can use my passion to pay it forward. EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. You could call me obsessed (as my wife does), but I like to think I’m driven and focused. I’m on a permanent mission to turn my creativity into a way to help as many people as possible. I’m a perpetual student, always seeking out new techniques and better ways to do things. I do this simply so that I can pass on my knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn more about food. I teach because it gives me purpose and I genuinely enjoy talking to people. Being involved in a community means so much to me.

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