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Erin Schaefgen

Owner of Three Little Blackbirds, an organic boutique style bakery in Portland, Oregon, Erin has always been drawn to the arts.

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From cars and motorcycles to cakes and even bodies, Lisa is known throughout the painting industry for her amazingly realistic artwork.

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Leesa Collins is the founder and owner of Alice Cakes – originally from Australia and now based in the UK. She is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes.

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Rosie’s Dessert Spot shares tips and techniques on how to master dessert recipes, cake decorating, cookie decorating and much more.

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Having made cakes for the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Albert of Monaco, Paul has a wealth of experience yet teaches in a relaxed, unassuming and easy-to-follow way.

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Celia Adams

Award winning cake designer Celia Adams, founded Bath Cake Company in 2010 and has since become one of Bath’s leading cake producers.

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Eva Salazar grew up in a family of gourmets, but it wasn’t until she left Spain for Miami that she discovered her passion for cake.

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Nina’s tutorials at Pretty Witty Cakes on wedding styles and floral cakes.

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Charity Pykles-George specializes in chocolate and sugar art, in particular wedding cakes, specialty cakes and extreme cakes.

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